So Much For “RambleBeast”. . .

Well, it’s been nearly a month, and nothing much seems to have happened.

*glares at dust accumulating everywhere*

Anyway, I’m so sorry I haven’t been doing much with this blog! It has been brought to my attention that I have set it up completely wrong. I somehow, inadvertently, made it a WordPress.ORG website instead of a WordPress.COM website, which means I can’t add a follow button!! *scratches wall frustratedly*

So since I realized that my blog was a failure, I’ve been sulking at it from a good distance away, my mind teeming with insecurity that no one was going to read it anymore because I can’t add a follow button† so people can’t get notifications when I post something and therefore everybody will forget this blog exists and never come back and I will basically be talking to a wall. . . . . .

Sorry for the run-on sentence. I make those sometimes when I’m worked up or frustrated.

Anyway, I know you (assuming you tolerate me) aren’t trying to deliberately ignore my blog. It’s really not your fault I’m frustrated. I’d like to think it’s WordPress’ fault.† (Honestly, why are there two different WordPresses in the first place?! Why must they mess up poor innocent beasties like this?!) But in the end I suppose it’s my fault for setting it up like this. Or is it Dad’s fault since he helped me with ninety percent of it? o.o (Not that I want to hurt on you, Dad. You have really been an enormous help. <3 )

In any case, speaking of my father, I finally talked to him today about the issue, and he gave me some super encouraging advice. Basically he said, “If you don’t keep your website updated, Google will ignore it, and ultimately your audience will drift away. Follow button or no follow button, it’s important that you put away all doubts, and keep writing on a regular basis. Write about everything you can think of. Set a goal to publish something multiple times a month. Write more than one article when you’re inspired, so that when you are not inspired, you already have something to work with. And don’t worry about trying to build your audience; right now, work with what you have.”

*clasps paws together* So. . . IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:

I am going to attempt to publish a new blog post every Saturday.

(emphasis on “attempt”) Might work, might not. But we are going to try it!!

I enjoy writing on this blog so far! I love getting to talk as much as I want without worrying about boring people around me or seeming proud or conspicuous.

Do Tell! Do you have any ideas or suggestions for this blog? Am I doing all right so far despite my obvious mistakes? Please talk to me! You guys help make the heart and soul of this blog.

Have a great weekend. Beast out.

— Dekreel

UPDATE, two days after writing this article: As it turns out, it’s not WordPress’ fault at all. It’s because I paid for my own domain (a.k.a. website address). In any case, I finally figured out how to install a subscribe form!! Special thanks to Evelyn and Jenna for clearing it up for me! I am forever in your debt.

Anyway. . . do subscribe!! XD And let me know if it worked. . . *crosses fingers*

(title photo by Oday Hazeem from Pexels)

10 thoughts on “So Much For “RambleBeast”. . .”

  1. Oooh yay! Expect me sitting here every Saturday from now on! 😉

    (And the subscribe button did work! *thumbs up*)

  2. Fantastic Peri! I’ll drop by every Saturday if I have the chance! 😉
    And a suggestion for writing blog posts: Don’t wear yourself out trying to come up with cleaver and smart blog post. Just write about something that peaks your interest and don’t overthink it. (You probably already know this, but it’s helped me with my most resent blog post)

  3. Hazzah! 😀 I’m glad it’s all set for you now. 😉
    I am happy to have been of service *bows* That Toy Story GIF though! Love it! XD
    I’m looking forward to seeing your blog posts in the future! 😀

    1. Thanks, me too.

      Yeah, the aliens portray my gratitude pretty accurately. XD I already have a post ready for Saturday!! I’m excited to publish it!

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