CHALLENGE: Do I Have That Book?

Since I started using Goodreads I’ve developed a peculiar fondness for books. I’m still not a bookworm or book-dragon so much as a book-cat (meaning, I love books but I’m not utterly obsessed with them. It’s like more passive), but I didn’t realize how much of a reader I was until recently.

So when I saw the Do I Have That Book challenge over at Jenna’s website, it immediately peaked my interest. So today I shall woefully break the Eighth Commandment and steal a tag from her.

~~ The Rules ~~

  1. Time yourself trying to find each prompt on the shelf. I didn’t actually do this. I printed out the list of prompts and found them all at once. It took at least an hour. Perhaps two.
  2. Try and beat the time of the person who challenged you. Again. . . But Jenna didn’t time herself either so I guess it doesn’t matter.
  3. Don’t forget to tag the challenger and the original creator. Thanks, Jenna!! . . . And I have no clue who created it. Sorry. 😛 Great tag idea, Awesome-Person-Who-Came-Up-With-This-Booktastic-Challenge.
  4. Have fun! Sure will!!

~~ The Challenge ~~

1. Do you have a book with tattered edges?

How about this poor thing?

Astra by Grace Livingston Hill. A third of its cover missing, several pages torn and dog-eared.

I don’t read Grace Livingston Hill, but my mom has a ginormous collection of her books.

2. Do you have a book with 3+ people on the cover?

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Nine people: Fantine, Cossette, Valjean, Javert, 5+ silhouettes of marching soldiers.

*gets the Work Song stuck in my head*

3. Do you have a book based on another fictional story?


The Who's Who of Doctor Who by Cameron K. McEwan

4. Do you have a book with a title 10 letters long?

The best one I could find. . . 😛 X’D

WordSearch (XD)

5. Do you have a book with a title that begins and ends with the same letter?

Sisters by Raina Telegmeier

One of my favorite cartoonists. <3

6. Do you have a mass market paperback book?

Billions. Of. Them. Most of them belong to Mom.

Out of the Storm by Grace Livingston Hill

It’s way more than Livingston Hill, by the way — I just chose two of her books. 😛

For future reference, mass market books are smaller-sized books, usually 4″x6″, that can easily be kept in a purse so you can read on the go. Also known as “pocket books”.

7. Do you have a book written by an author using a pen name?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

. . . I’m pretty sure that’s a pen name, right??

8. Do you have a book with a character’s name on it?

*almost picks another Harry Potter book*

Lauren Ipsum by Carlos Bueno

You know your dad is a computer geek when he reads this to you as a bedtime story (not that he actually did that or anything. . .). It’s an interesting book, by the way.

9. Do you have a book with two maps on it?

Indeed I do!

The Monster in the Hollows by Andrew Peterson
Still MitH: map of Green Hollows and map of Ban Rona


10. Do you have a book that was turned into a TV show?

Errr. . . I don’t think s– OH WAIT.

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot

I’ve read the book. . . and watched the show. . . aND THEY ARE BOTH SO VERY GOOD GAAAAAAHHH.

Do you have a book written by someone who is originally famous for something else? (Celebrity/Athlete/Politician/TV Personality…)

Is There Life Outside the Box? by Peter Davison

My favorite actor, y’all. (Funnily enough, he played one of the main characters in All Creatures.)

12. Do you have a book with a clock on the cover?

Does a Watchdog count?

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

13. Do you have a poetry book?

A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein

A poet my sister and I have enjoyed for years. Highly recommended.

14. Do you have a book with an award stamp on it?

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

This book didn’t receive a Newberry Honor award for nothing. It is SO GOOD. One of my all-time favorite books.

15. Do you have a book written by an author with the same initials as you?

Not that I know of. 😛 (Which initials do I use, anyway??)

16. Do you have a book of short stories?

I used to. It had a bunch of stories about kids receiving empty boxes on their birthdays. It was interesting. . . But I think we ended up donating it.

17. Do you have a book that is in between 500-510 pages?

This prompt drove me crazy. I couldn’t find one anywhere, not even in the encyclopedias. I did find one 512 pages long. . . *scratches wall*

18. Do you have a book that was turned into a movie?

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Haven’t seen the movie yet. The book is really good.

19. Do you have a graphic novel?


Various graphic novels by Raina Telgemeier, Ben Hatke and Jimmy Gownley

20. Do you have a book written by 2 or more authors?

Ohhhh, yeah. . .

The Bible

More than forty writers wrote the Bible, all of whom were directly inspired by God.

WHEW!! That’s all the questions. That was a lot of fun!! I’m glad I got to do it!

I shall tag. . . . . . You know what, I’m not going to tag anyone. If you would like to do this tag yourself, don’t let me stop you! Take revenge from my stealing from Jenna by stealing from me. (Juuuuust kidding hahah) Also, feel free to time yourself even though Jenna and I didn’t. Further challenge your readers!

Do Tell! Did you enjoy this tag? Do you have a book 500-510 pages long? What are some of your favorite books?

Have a great Easter, Hunters!! (OOH!! I have a nickname for you guys now! 8> )

~~ Dekreel

(title photo by Min An from Pexels)

12 thoughts on “CHALLENGE: Do I Have That Book?”

  1. Oh, wow, that was epic! Great job, Peri! 😀

    Also, I know you’ve already done the Liebster Award, but I tagged you and a few others that have already been tagged because I HAVE NO IDEA WHO ELSE TO TAG!!! XD Anyway, yep.

  2. Ah, this is a great challenge to start on my brand-new blog!


    Ohhhhh yeah. I forgot to mention! I have a blog…

    I now feel like I’m stealing her spotlight.

    (CatClack Studios, if you must know)

    I love that challenge! I MUST do it!

    1. You have a blog?!

      YOU HAVE A BLOG!!! *spins you around in circles* GAH, I’m so excited for you!! 😀 😀

    1. I know!! And yeah, my sister and I (especially my sister) are fans of Silverstein. He makes such creative stories.

  3. Oooh…ahhh….EEEEEEKKKK! MUST DO IT!
    I got about halfway in and was like, got to do this. Now. Right now. 😅
    So I shall take advantage of your tag-yourself.
    Anyway, awesomeness!

    ~ Manilla Bean (What is it with my new nicknames!?)

    1. I was literally the same way with Jenna’s post! X’D Yes, go do it. It’s worth it.

      Mayhaps it’s Eerie’s fault? 😛

  4. My book obsession varies from time to time. But since I’m a catwing I guess that makes me a book-cat. :3
    I’ve read Sisters and Princess Academy(after I got it from the library I saw the romance genre sticker on the spine. Which kind of worried me, but it was actually pretty good and I ended up reading the rest of the series.). And the Bible. 🙂

    1. Same here. A month ago I was convinced that I adored books, but now they’re just “eh”. 😛

      What did you think of Princess Academy? Good, right? XD

      1. Yeah. So some reason I haven’t been reading a lot currently… Though I have some books I need to finish.

        Yes it was. I thought I said that though. And the sequels were good too. 🙂

        1. Same here. It’s rough. XD

          Oh yeah, you did say that. I’m not paying attention. 😛 Haven’t read the sequels all the way yet. . .

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