Hunters, I Need Your Help!!

After two tag posts in a row, you probably want something new and original, am I right? If so, I don’t blame you; I want something original, too (not that tags aren’t cool, of course). The problem is: I don’t know what.

That’s where you come to the rescue. I need you to help me come up with ideas and improvements. The best way to do so is filling out this form:


You can also state your opinion down in the comments, or shoot me a message on the Contact page. I’d prefer the form though. Because forms are fun. 😉

Thank you peeps so much in advance for your input. It will be super valuable to me for weeks to come.

Also, an additional note to fellow bloggers: I only have three buttons on my button page, and I would love to have more. If you’d like me to feature your button, or if you would like to feature mine, please contact me on Kingdom Pen, Chess, Pinterest, or of course the contact page on this website. 🙂

Have a blessed week!

~~ Dekreel

10 thoughts on “Hunters, I Need Your Help!!”

  1. O.O

    Cool form!

    I have… nothing else to say.

    Maybe you could share a story you’ve been writing?

    1. I haven’t been writing any stories as far as I can remember, or else I’d consider it. 😛 Thanks for filling out the form! *showers you with Mom’s best pancakes*

  2. Oooh! *waves hand* I submitted my thoughts for scrutiny. 😉

    Is it weird that I love making Google forms even though I’ve never got the chance to use one? xD

    1. Thank ye!

      I don’t blame you. They’re super fun to make even though I’ve only done it once so far. 😉

    1. Like I said, forms are fun. 😀

      Thanks so much for your feedback!! It was really helpful.

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