Dreams I’ve Had (‘Cuz Why Not)

A couple posts ago I talked about autism and some of the symptoms that come from it. One other symptom that I didn’t mention, and that I experience, is the lack of feeling the need to go to sleep. This has resulted in an unhealthy amount of all-nighters for both me and my sister.

Because of this prolonged insomnia, I have had to resort to a wonderful little tool called melatonin. Generally it works very well! I take a gummy or two of it before bed, and before long I can’t keep my eyes open. It’s great.

However, like any ol’ medication, melatonin comes with a side effect. A side effect that has resulted in many mornings full of confusion, fright, and not to mention the amusing story or two. . .


I have had a lot of dreams in the past few years, especially ever since I started taking melatonin. Sometimes I even dream for several nights in a row. I started writing down some of the dreams I’ve had in a word document, and so today, for your entertainment, I shall share with you a selection of the dreams I’ve had throughout my life. šŸ˜€

~~~ This first one is a recurring nightmare I had when I was little — before I started taking melatonin. . . or before I had much trouble sleeping for that matter. I had at least two nightmares in which a jet plane crash-landed into me. In one of which, I was looking out my bedroom window watching a plane soar by when it made a turn and started flying towards my window. By the time I had made a run for my bed it crashed through the wall. It was five feet long, and it was moving at one mile an hour (since that’s what I thought planes looked like back then XD). It flew right for me and was just about to hit my nose when I woke up.

After that, I was scared of seeing airplanes through a window at night for years. XD

~~~ Another time I had a “nightmare” where we were at a grocery store, and my sister climbed into a bucket of floor-cleaning detergent that you use to mop a floor, and a janitor came by and tickled her intensely with his mop. For whatever reason, I woke up terrified. I guess that was my brain’s definition of torture?? XD

~~~ Sometimes I would have more-or-less lucid dreams where I can control when I wake up. For example, in one dream there was a terrorist attack happening in our neighborhood and a bunch of people were hiding in our house. We were discussing places to hide and ways to defend ourselves etc. when one person said, “You’re in a dream, you can just wake up and you’ll be safe!”

And then I said, “But I don’t want to leave you all behind!”

They said, “Just go! Don’t worry about us!”

My heart was torn between saving myself and leaving my friends to die, and staying and enduring the pain with them. Finally I gave in and somehow forced myself to open my eyes.

I was very amused when I woke up.

~~~ I very rarely talk in my sleep, but one night a few years ago my sister claimed that I said “little bird”. I don’t remember what I was dreaming about at that moment. šŸ˜› I wonder what made my brain decide I was going to talk in my sleep that particular night.

~~~ I do move around in my sleep though. Once I dreamed that an insect (probably a wasp) attacked my face. I woke up to my arms swatting at thin air.

And no, I’ve never sleepwalked before. šŸ™‚

~~~ I think one time I dreamed that Gnag the Nameless (Wingfeather Saga) invaded my house to kill the Doctor (Doctor Who), who had somehow morphed into a baby tortoise. So I grabbed the tortoise and escaped through the backyard door to avoid Gnag. It was great.

~~~ There’s a bank not far from our house, and one time I dreamed that it got taken over by an evil octopus who then proceeded to try to get me to fall in love with him.

It worked.

~~~ In another dream my dad, sister and I drove to a hotel in the middle of nowhere with a pool the size of a football field. I kept walking into the wrong bedroom. šŸ˜›

~~~ Amazon started a new department for spouses. That’s right, you could literally buy a husband or wife. It was bizarre. In the dream I got an ad from a dude wearing purple lipstick. I turned him down. I probably wisened up after the evil octopus incident.

Looking back on it, the guy looked a bit like James Charles. O.o

~~~ Rebecca Parham (a YouTube animator; also known as Let Me Explain Studios) lived in the world of the Madeleine books as Miss Clavel’s assistant, and she vlogged about her experiences. At one point James of TheOdd1sOut came out and sorta kinda “attacked” her because he was jealous of all the attention she was getting.

And then Adam of Something Else YT randomly showed up, and he could transform into a cat that looked almost exactly like one of our cats.

I’ve been calling our cat “Adam” ever since.

~~~ This last dream is my second favorite dream I’ve ever had. It’s going to take several paragraphs to describe it, but it’s pretty epic, so strap in.

Dad dropped me off in a mine cart at a random mansion in a random neighborhood, and I met two or three kids who were enchanted.

It was then that I realized that I was the main character in a book I had read recently. This book doesn’t actually exist, but I think I was reading Harry Potter at the time.

Anyway, so I remembered from the “book” that there were three or four enchanted children (including me) who lived in a mansion with a wise old man, and then they were attacked by an evil witch-esque woman who wanted to kidnap the children and use them for her own ends.

Sure enough, the witch invaded the mansion and overthrew the wise old man. His last words before he died involved a prophecy that said something like, “The moonlight will blaze at the witch and blind her because of you.”

So while the other enchanted kids and I were hiding in the basement, I was trying to think up ways of blinding the witch with the moonlight, because conveniently it was nighttime with a full moon at the moment. Then she found us and chased us upstairs and outside to the front yard.

In the rush I had grabbed a frying pan from the basement, so I proceeded to attempt to reflect the moonlight onto her face. It didn’t effect her at all.

So we were trying to avoid her while shouting “You won’t get away with this!” and other cliche things like that, when my dad pulled into the drive (in a car this time, not a mine cart). Suddenly I got an idea, and climbed something and screamed to him at the top of my lungs, “Turn on your brights!!”

The witch melted.

I woke up feeling utterly satisfied.

It was great.

So that’s all the dreams I’m sharing for now. At this point you might be asking, “If the dream with the enchanted kids is your second favorite, dream, what’s your favorite dream?”

Well, dear Hunters, my absolute favorite dream was so awesome, it deserves its own post. When will I write it? I don’t know. But I will write it eventually! šŸ˜€

Do Tell!! Did you like today’s post? What are some funky and cool dreams that you have had?

Have a happy August, Hunters!!

~~ Dekreel

(title photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels)

11 thoughts on “Dreams I’ve Had (‘Cuz Why Not)”

  1. “The Doctor, who had somehow morphed into a baby tortoise.” I might have laughed very loudly at that part and now my family is probably even more concerned for my sanity than usual.
    I love Let Me Explain Studios! I dressed up as the Girlfriend Fairy for Halloween last year. And no, my house will never be free of the glitter I unleashed on it. xD
    That last dream has the best twist ending, oh my goodness.

    1. X’D Yeah, my Mom liked that one too.
      Fellow Explainer!! *squeals and traps you in bear hug* That’s so epic. šŸ˜€
      Yes, I’m so glad my brain conjured up that masterpiece.

  2. That is very interesting…

    I once had a dream that an evil witch stole my stuffed rabbit… o . O

    1. Thanks. XD
      Oh dear. Glad my dad killed her with the brights before she continued her kidnapping rampage. šŸ˜‰

  3. Oh my goodness THESE ARE AMAZING
    I wish I had such brilliant dreams. XD XD
    I love this idea though… I might steal it behind your back. šŸ˜‰

    1. Hahah, thank you!
      Melatonin should do the trick for you. šŸ˜‰
      Oh, go ahead. I love reading about other people’s dreams. XD


    “After that, I was scared of seeing airplanes through a window at night for years. XD” Yeah, I understand – I had a nightmare when I was waaay young that there were animals (like bears and such) made out of constellations. I was a little scared of stars for a while afterward. XP What was really weird is that there was a unicorn Mount in Pirate101 that was made out of constellations just like from the dream… o . o

    I wasn’t scared then, though. XD

    1. That’s funny because the game “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime” literally has a boss that’s a bear constellation. X’D Your dream made me think of that. (I don’t play the game — but I’ve seen other people play it)

  5. These are too good. XD I’m also a vivid dreamer and some crazy things have happened. Something my family thinks is funny is that I often am a totally different character in the dream (like a guy, a dolphin, a super sleuth). Does that happen to you? Also, I have died multiple times in different dreams and I haven’t met anyone who has. Evidently, most people wake up just //before// dying. I wake up just //after// dying. My brain usually says something stupid like, “Wow, dying isn’t that bad! People should know about this!!” lol

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