Pastries, Coffee, and Improvision

Welp, it’s Friday night. The deadline is approaching fast, and I have nothing to show for it in the morning. So today, I’m going to improvise. I have no clue where this post will take me. It might end up getting philosophical, serious, silly, all of the above. . . who knows.

So where do I start?

That’s the trouble with having no clear plan. . . you don’t know how you’re going to approach it.

So let’s go on a little adventure! Why don’t I take you to a bakery complete with warm lights, comfy sofas, pillows and a coffee bar? Pick your favorite treat, and let’s sit down and have a pleasant friend-to-friend talk!

I guess I’ll start off with a minor announcement. Remember The Imaginary Assistant Tag a couple months ago? Well last month, my assistant arrived!!

(All credit for this photo goes to Mariposa Aristeo [and the Author Assistant Agency of course hahah].)

Olly the shade fox is the sweetest thing that ever happened to my blogging career. I love him. SUPER huge thanks to the A.A.A for delivering him safely! And shout-out to Mariposa’s masterful artistic skill.

(By the way, I did not just write all this to copy Eden. At least not intentionally.)

. . .

I hope I don’t spend this entire post trying to figure out what to say. πŸ˜›

*pulls random topic out of thin air*

I envy people who have names longer than two syllables. I like my name, but I’ve never really been a fan of how short it is. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just because I like longer names. Or perhaps it’s because there isn’t really much one can do with a name like mine. My sister’s name is a lot longer than mine and she’s had quite a few really cool nicknames. Whereas, the two best nicknames I’ve ever had are “Joy-Joy” (from Mom) and “Joy to the World” (from a youth group leader). Kind of pathetic. πŸ˜› What’s the best nickname you’ve ever had (you may, of course, use your pseudonym if you don’t want to talk about your real name)?

~ ~ ~

What’s your dream house like? Mine is kind of large, and two stories tall. It has a nice kitchen with lots of storage, and a dining room that can seat many people. It also has a large living room with a fireplace, plenty of places to read, lots of bedrooms, a spacious office/studio and a pool in the backyard. And a cat. Basically, I want my literature teacher’s house (except it doesn’t have a pool but whatever). Her house is the coolest house I have ever stepped foot in. It has at least five bedrooms (perfect for having friends over), plenty of places to read with LOTS of bookshelves (a bookworm’s dream come true), and a library/piano room where I sometimes like to practice piano when I’m there. Also. . .



LOOK AT THIS MASTERPIECE. LOOK AT IT AND TELL ME IT’S NOT THE AWESOMEST BEDROOM ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. On the other side of the wall on the right is a bunk bed. And if you climb the rock wall and through the window, it leads right onto the top bunk. There are also plenty of cubbies next to the beds in which to store things.

I feel like it’s the sort of place that would be a writer’s dream bedroom. It has a great fantastic atmosphere, but at the same time it’s complete with wi-fi, power outlets and air conditioning. What more could a writer ask for?

I think I’ll skip the whole “area 51” trend and just raid my teacher’s house instead.

(i’m kidding)

~ ~ ~

I don’t get a lot of opportunities to talk about YouTube, but I really enjoy watching it. I suppose I could write posts on this blog about it, but I don’t know if anyone would be interested.

I like the animation and gaming genres a lot. I’ve also been testing the waters of the comedy genre. Mostly Studio C and John Crist. Both of them are fun. I would love to start an animation channel of my own someday. The trouble is I don’t know how to animate, and I doubt myself too much to learn how. πŸ˜› I’d like to throw a little gaming into the mix too as I like gaming videos.

Because of YouTube, I am now a fan of Phantom of the Opera, desperately want to play Minecraft, and will never look at animation the same way again. Do you like YouTube? What kinds of things to you like to watch?

~ ~ ~

Have you ever had that moment where you’re in bed, awake enough that you still feel yourself lying down, but asleep enough where you can still “hear” things happening in “dreamland”, and a phrase passes through your head that’s so random and so bizarre that you force yourself to wake up so you can ponder where the heck your brain gets these ideas?

One times that happened to me, and the phrase was “Frozen yogurt looks like Jesus.”


Okay, brain. . .

~ ~ ~

Well, I can’t really think of much else to talk about. So what’s been going on with you? *munches croissant and sips milk as I wait for response*

~~ Dekreel

(title photo by Scott Webb from Pexels)

12 thoughts on “Pastries, Coffee, and Improvision”

  1. Ohmyword, I love this!! It reminds me of my post…we should have just done a collab or something. 🀣 And no worries, I didn’t think you were trying to copy me.
    Your house sounds amazing! My house is single story, and is actually two buildings stuck together…so what it lacks in height in makes up for in length. (That’s why we have such a loooong hallway.)
    BUT THAT BEDROOM, THO. It’s so awesome!! I want it. πŸ˜€
    “Frozen yogurt looks like Jesus.” I don’t want to admit how hard I laughed at this. Like WHAT EVEN??!! That’s hilarious! 🀣🀣🀣

    1. No kidding! I wonder how a collab like that would work. XD

      My REAL house doesn’t look like the house I described, but my dream house does. My real house is more boring. πŸ˜›
      I know!! It’s my favorite sleepover location.

      1. I don’t know…except it would probably have turned out to be very random and rambly and may not have made much sense at all. πŸ˜‚
        Ooh, whoops. I thought you were describing your real house! *face-palm* Well, your dream house sounds cool. πŸ™ƒ

  2. I’ve had quite a few nicknames. XD Esmerelda, Randy, and Nana are just a few. These are all related to me real name, which isn’t really that much of a secret, lol.
    I’m not sure what my dream house is like. I’d like lots of cool stuff like secret doorways. Of course, I want a humongous library with cozy chairs and spaces to read and study. Two stories is enough for me, and I want a loft, too. πŸ˜€ YES that bedroom is amazing!
    I feel like I HAVE had that dream-thing! It’s so weird.
    Ooh, croissants! πŸ˜€

    1. Yet I can’t seem to figure out your real name based on your nicknames. What is it? (unless you don’t want to tell me, which is totally fine) Nice nicknames, by the way! πŸ™‚
      Your house sounds grand! Especially the library. πŸ˜€
      I feel like it’s one of those things that a lot of people had, but then they forget about it soon after. The only reason I remembered this particular time was because I wrote it down.
      Have some! πŸ˜€ (ooyyy, now I’m hungry hahah)

  3. AAAH Isn’t Phantom of the Opoera amazing?? Do you have a favorite song?
    Is that for real?? xD
    I have had many nicknames. Most used: Waspsbane. Then Luvalynn or Evie. And finally Hotdog and Evil Lynn. (people think they’re sooo smart when they come up with that one… πŸ˜› )
    I love the name “Joy-Joy” πŸ˜€

    1. My favorite PotO song is “Masquerade” because it’s so catchy. What’s yours?

      IT IS FOR REAL. And I would invite you for a sleepover there if I could. ☺️

      Sounds like your nicknames come with fun backstories. πŸ˜† I love them. Especially Evil Lynn and Waspsbane .
      Thaaaaaaanks. πŸ˜’πŸ˜†

  4. OOOOOOO. Okay, uhm, my favorite nickname is Stan. I LUV IT. Uhm, actually, that whole ‘dream-land-takeover’ happens to me all the time. XD I do a thing where I sit in bed, kinda waiting to go to sleep, and while I wait I just try and unravel the latest book I’m working on. And a lot of the time, my dreamland will just kinda take it off my hands and then I’ll just start dreaming. It’s weird. Like, all of a sudden the characters in my brain start doing things I’m not telling them to do, and I’m like ‘Ah, I see my brain is falling asleep now.’

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