~~That Time When I Was a Songmaiden~~ Blast From the Past, Part 4

That’s right, it’s another Blast From the Past edition!! πŸ˜€ This post is a blast from the blast in itself — the first three are over five months old at this point. Those were the days. πŸ˜›

If you haven’t read the first three BFP parts yet, here they are:

  1. Stick Figures and Torture Scenes (cinematic illustrated stories)
  2. The Rise of the Cartoonist (old art)
  3. The Cave of Forbidden Words (old writing)

When I was a tweenager/early teen, my creative mind was teeming with energy, and I was experimenting with it all the time. I realized my love for creative writing, I began refining my art skills, I started to journal for the first time. . . and I discovered the art of writing song lyrics.

So I started writing Christian pop/worship songs! I hadn’t mastered a musical instrument (still haven’t), and I despised my singing voice (still do), but that didn’t stop me. I would write entire songs in my head without strumming a guitar, hitting a piano key or uttering any sound whatsoever, and I would know exactly how I wanted it to sound. It helped that I listened to a LOT of radio, especially Air1 and other Christian stations, so I knew more or less the style I was going for.

But that doesn’t mean I was perfect.

The first song I ever wrote was called “All the Time”, and it was pretty dumb.

Oh God, You are everlasting
You are everlasting; You live forever more
Oh God, You are uncontainable
You are uncontainable; You live forever more

[then there was a pre-chorus but I forgot how it went]

I will praise and worship You
I will praise you all the time
Day and night, night and day
I will praise you everyday
I will praise and worship You
I will praise you all the time
Day and night, night and day
I will praise you all the time

. . . It cannot possibly get any cheesier than this.

My second song, “In Your Presence”, wasn’t much better. It came out like a terrible Disney song.

Why is [insert annoying person’s name] annoying?
Why is [insert mean person’s name] mean?
Why are all these bad things happening to me?
All because of the sin that’s clinging onto their hearts
And my own
But there’s one thing that can change that

You’re the King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
Prince of Peace, the great I AM
You’re the King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
Princes of Peace, the great I AM
Oh, how I long to worship You
How I long to be in Your presence

Yeah, no. (not “no” to the message, “no” to how poor the song is)

The next song wasn’t quite as bad, but it was still mediocre. This one I actually practiced on the piano a bit, and I continually refined the lyrics. It was called “Forecast” and for a year or so, I thought I was a genius by writing it. I have tried to rewrite it before, so some of the lyrics will be missing.

You’re drowning in the deep
Crying yourself to sleep
Your heart is cloudy with a chance of pain
[can’t remember this part]
You don’t think you can [word I can’t remember] if it won’t stop raining

[There was a pre-chorus thingy here too, but I don’t remember all of it.]

There is hope through the silver lining
There is hope leading up like a staircase
There is hope, so just look up in the sky
Look up in the sky, and check the forecast,
Check the forecast, check the forecast!

. . .

I sing out “Hallelujah”
The sun is coming out

There’s a lot more to this song. It’s one of the few songs that I continued to work on for at least months after I wrote it.

The next song. . . . . . . O.o


Okay. . . so remember in my post about autism how I mentioned that I used to be obsessed with Vector from Despicable Me?

Well guess what I did. . .

There are many arrows in the Word
There are many vectors that point to God
So if you’re feeling down, just look
And you’ll see they point in the same direction
You can find peace in the points
You can find courage in the marks
‘Cuz there are many vectors to God

It took physical pain to write this down.

The only reason I wrote it was so I could say the word “vector” over and over again. πŸ˜’

Let’s move on before it gets stuck in my head.

Have you ever felt betrayed? Like someone you really loved or admired shattered your expectations to pieces? One time, something like that happened to me, and I tried channeling my feelings toward song-writing. I called it “Furious”.

Who can I trust now? Who can I run to?
For endless light and for endless rapture
Now that I’ve run off, I just cannot stop
Cuz if I do I’ll lose my mind; cuz I’m furious
My heart’s on fire with mighty anger
For my decievers and just how broken they really are
And how broken I really am
I’m so furious!
So furious!

Ever get that feeling?

Another time I wrote a song called “The Victor”. This is one of those songs that isn’t half bad. It isn’t fantastic, but unlike most of my other songs, I see potential in this one.

War is raging on this planet
Clashing swords and blowing horns
Bitterness suspended in air
Hearts are pricked with hatred thorns
No speck of love
No trace of sympathy

Shine on these broken hearts, Lord
Replace the war with peace,
Let every fighter know that
Your mercy will not cease
Win these lives, Lord
Let them know you are the Victor

And yes, I did take some leftover inspiration from Vector. But HEY, AT LEAST THIS SONG WAS AT LEAST A LITTLE DECENT.

Back in the olden days when Kingdom Pen was where young writers typically hung out (looking at you, fellow Kapeefers), I. . . tried writing a song about all the inside jokes.

And it was really weird. o.o

When I pull out my laptop
And get whisked to the Kingdom of Pen
I wanna get inspired to write
For the glory of God in heaven

If you were to ask me,
I say β€œHello, I-I-I, I’m a Kapeefer!”
Yeah, β€œHi-i-i, I’m a Kapeefer!”

Wolves with cat tails, cats with wings,
Sarcastic elves and raspberry kings
Is that not enough for you?
Then what about red-marker storms, chair-melting dragons
Aethasians, Gramatacallions

That’s all I wrote. I was jotting down ideas and stuff. Hoo boyyy, I’m laughing and headdesking at this thing. X’D

The last song I’m going to share with you is what I consider the best song I have ever written. Again, it isn’t perfect, but it’s the least-cringy one. XD I wrote it about three years ago in one sitting. It’s called “One Light”.

Palm trees, paradise, Sun is shining bright
After a peaceful night
Seaside, breezy sky
Far from the city fray
But I can’t stay
I’ve been chasing lights

Travel and fun under the Sun
Shining so bright until the night falls
But this isn’t home; if I go on
I’ll be alone
I’m just chasing lights

It’s like a tower standing tall
I’m pretty sure it will never fall
But then it gives the slightest crack
And all fall down and I can’t go back
And then I realize that all that light
Is really darkness that’s in disguise
And now there is just one Light to follow
One Light

Sharp stones, broken bones, rugged crooked trail
But this is the path to paradise

As I’m reading over this I’m realizing for the first time how vague my message is. πŸ˜› Great. Not as hot as I remember it to be.

But that’s okay! It was super fun to write, and I kind of like its structure. (This isn’t all of it, by the way, just parts of it.)

Do Tell! Did you enjoy reading these? Have you ever tried writing song lyrics before? If you were a songwriter, what would you write about?

Hope you had a great week!

~~ Dekreel

15 thoughts on “~~That Time When I Was a Songmaiden~~ Blast From the Past, Part 4”

  1. Oh this is hilarious! 🀣 I would probably never have worked up the courage to share songs I wrote, you’re brave! And I actually like the last song. It may be vague but I like the message, the idea behind it! ❀️

  2. That was…. MMMN. That was fanTASTIC. That last one was pretty good! (And just saying, but I had a Vector phase too. XDD)

  3. Oh my goodness I loved this. XDXD
    Your blast to the pasts are always so amazing. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    *hides face* I would never have the courage to share songs I write…. *shudders* XD

  4. I do not believe I have made up song lyrics…. I wrote my own music to a Redwall song tho. 😏 I think it’s the song the female badger sang in “Eulalia!”. The “Let me wander here forever,” one. I’ve heard the audio book version of it, and I like my music better. πŸ˜‚
    You should write an Aetherlight theme song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁 Muahahahaha….

    1. That’s awesome. πŸ˜€ Which Redwall book is it? Because I’m reading the first one and I haven’t seen much singing yet.

      Guess what. . . I have tried making an Aetherlight theme song. . . possibly more than once. Haven’t finished it yet, but I know how the bridge sounds so. . . better than nothing, right? πŸ˜›

      1. Eulalia. I can’t remember what number it is…. Oh man, there is SO much singing in Redwall. πŸ˜‚

        Ha, yeah, that’s more than I’d know for my wonderful song. 😝

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