~~Interview~~ A.N. Parker

Greetings, one and all! Hope you’re having a fine weekend. I sure am!

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I had the privilege to interview one of my closest internet friends. She’s a writer, public speaker, entrepreneur and fellow blogger. Her name is A.N. Parker of Tales of the Spiral! (Also known as Nola Applequill among Aethasians and Aurora Parker among pirates.)

As per usual, my questions and comments will be boldfaced and her answers and comments will be italicized.

*cut to Nola and I sitting up in a tree house complete with cozy seats, pine needle scent and spectacular view*

Welcome to my blog, Miss Parker! It’s a huge honor for me to interview you.

QUESTION #1: How and when did you start writing?

I started when I was waaay young, LOL. Ever since I was extremely young, I’ve been writing, making up characters and even acting as pretend characters. It has always been a passion for me. 🙂

That’s awesome! You made a great start. 🙂
QUESTION #2: Tell me about your current writing project.

My current WIP, Sabre Black, is about a winged race of people called Andorians. There are two main types – serahs (white-winged), and cendars (black-winged). The serahs are good and the cendars are bad. The main character, Sabre Black, is born a cendar yet fights for the serahs; is she good? Or is she bad?

All right, I’m hooked. I need to get my paws on a copy some time.

Also, here’s the cover for Sabre Black! Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? 😀 The black squares are where she covered her real name etc.

All credit goes to Miss Parker and whoever else was involved in the making of this cover.

QUESTION #3: I understand you are already a published author!
Why don’t you tell me a bit about that?

I have two published books. One is The Princess Chronicles, which is a children’s book about these princesses that are learning kindness, forgiveness, trust, teamwork and all those important qualities. The other is False Awakening, a sci-fi novel for teens, tweens, young adults and up that’s about a man who’s in a dream within a dream within a dream;
he joins a Rebellion and fights against an evil tyrant. 😀

Sounds intriguing!
QUESTION #4: Do you have any writing advice
you would like to share to the world?

I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to compare your writing to others. It makes things much worse; plus, everyone has their unique ideas for stories, so there are no “same” ideas as anyone else.

Words to live by. 😛
QUESTION #5: What is your favorite blog post
that you have written so far?

Definitely Good Scribbles, Bad Scribbles – The Adventures of Writing. I don’t know why, but I think that one was so much fun! 😂

It sure looks fun!
QUESTION #6: What is the funnest thing about being a public speaker?

Well, the coolest thing would be impacting people’s lives and helping them to succeed. The funnest thing is just being there, up on stage, speaking and having the kids do activities, etc. It’s so much fun! 😀

I would LOVE to attend one of your events some day.
*starts inwardly singing “Break the Distance” by Ashton Edminster*
QUESTION #7: What are some other hobbies and activities besides writing (and public speaking) that you enjoy?

Hmm… Well, my daddy and I both make Electronic Dance Music/EDM and also are just now starting a dancing duo (electro-swing, EDM, any kind of style). I also play epic computer games like The Aetherlight,
School of Dragons and The Legend of Pirates Online. 😉

Those are unique hobbies! Especially the bit about dancing.
QUESTION #8: What kind of music do you like?

Uh. That’s an UNANSWERABLE QUESTION. 😛 I mean, seriously, there are so many genres and styles that I like. EDM, some modern, instrumental, epic soundtrack, you name it! But I think for now, my favorite
might be electro-swing (and steampunk too!). 😀

I feel that — it’s impossible to pick just one genre. Kewl!!
QUESTION #9: If you could freely teleport into any fictional universe, which universe would you choose?

PIIIIIIRAAAAAAATEEEEE11111100000000000111111111111. 😛 AKA, Pirate101. I love the graphics, the scenery, the Worlds, EVERYTHING AGGH!!!

From what I’ve seen, that game is pretty cool. I commend your choice. 🙂
QUESTION #10: What is one Bible verse/quote that inspires you?

Ooh, love this question! Well, my favorite Bible verse is Acts 2:38 —
“And Peter said to them, ‘Repent and be baptized every one of you
in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins,
and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.'”
And my favorite quote would most likely be this conversation in the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, when the two main characters are in a building, and one sets a timer for thirty-seven seconds and says, “Now we wait.” The other says, “No. We breathe. We pulse. We regenerate. Our hearts beat. Our minds create. 37 seconds well-used is a lifetime.”

(That movie also has really good quotes about death. 😛 )

Yes, those are both awesome choices. 😀
That was a lot of fun, A.N.! Thanks for letting me interview you.

If you guys haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out this gal’s blog: Tales of the Spiral. She covers many topics including gaming (specifically Pirate101 and The Aetherlight), writing, online aliases and more! She’s a great inspiration.

Hope you enjoyed the interview! It was a lot of fun. And please let me know if there are other bloggers whom you wish to see me interview. 😀

~~ Dekreel

(title photo by Lucy Heath on Unsplash)

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  1. AGGGGGGHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INTERVIEWING ME!!! 😀 Seriously, this was awesome. I’m so honored to be interviewed. Thank you and epic article! 🙂

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