Sooooo my blogiversary is coming up. . .

Realizing how time has flown like

*very concerned*

Realizing that I should probably start planning stuff for blogiversary

*concern intensifies*

Realizing that I have hardly any ideas

*do not panic, do NOT panic*

(Disclaimer: I don’t know where these GIFs come from.)

. . . Although that last bit isn’t entirely true. I’ve actually been planning something for the blog for months now, and I think you guys will like it. 😉 I would also like to do a fun Q&A thingamajig.

But I don’t know if that’s enough. At least not for a celebration post. So that’s where I need help deciding what I should do to celebrate!

So if you have any ideas, please feel free to leave ’em in the comments, or here’s another fancy form thingy if you’d like to use that!


As for the Q&A questions, they can be about ANYTHING. Art, blogging, random somethings. . . it really doesn’t matter too much. 🙂 Again, you can either comment below or use the form.

If all goes according to plan. The blogiversary post should be going up on January 29th, the day I published my first post. Looking forward too seeing (or should I say reading) you guys then! Thanks to all who have stuck around my blog! 😀


5 thoughts on “Sooooo my blogiversary is coming up. . .”

  1. Ooh, Happy Blogiversary!!!

    Let’s see…..

    – What are your talents/hobbies other than writing?

    – How long have you been blogging?

    – At what age did you decide you were going to be a writer?

    And that’s it for me! Looking forward to the Q and A post.
    With Love, Camille

  2. Yay!! *chocolate and books for you* I can’t wait! 😀 <3
    – What is your favorite book genre?
    -Movie genre?
    – Favorite snacking food?
    – You're stuck in a creepy mansion with just a flashlight. It's dark, and the first part you have to walk through is a long hallway with tons of doors, all open. Only one of the doors have light coming from it, the rest are dark. What do you do?
    -If you could start any business, what would it be?
    -Do you play any instruments, and what would you like to play?

  3. Keep on keeping on!! So proud of you.
    IDEAS …
    – Review a Book, or Movie, Story, or Poem that has had an impact on your life
    – Tell a story of how someone did or said something that had a huge impact on your life. … And thank them.
    – Share a vision of how you would like to have an impact on people – the world.
    – Ask a question that rolls around in your mind / heart.
    – What’s a REALLY fun place you’ve been, or something you’ve done – that maybe someone else would enjoy.
    – What’s something that you’re good at doing that maybe someone else would like to learn.


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