Breaking the Distance // Updates + Rambling

I’m bored. And stir crazy. Even if I don’t catch the virus, I think I’m coming down with a serious case of cabin fever. So to help combat it, here’s a blog post. It will mostly be life updates plus whatever else these fingers decide to punch into my computer.

This last week, the first week we started quarantine, was a downer for me in more ways than one. It was the week I was going to catch a flight by myself for the first time. My aunt had gifted me with a plane ticket to come see her for a week.

I was so excited, not only to see and hang out with my aunt, but also excited to get to fly alone for the first time. The adventurous kind of excited one feels when one is seconds away from taking one’s first steps in uncharted lands. I spent hours researching airplanes and airports and talking to my parents about the do’s and do-not’s about flying.

By the time the date I’d leave was right around the corner, I felt well-equipped and ready to take on the wild. . . . . And then my aunt called off the trip. You can probably imagine how I, an adventure-loving person, took this news.

That day was the first time I really understood the five stages of grief.

Sooooooo that was the worst spring break I ever had. Actually it wasn’t that bad — I got to relax and spend time with family and friends (thanks, Skype), but considering how the week could have gone, it was pretty disappointing. πŸ˜›

Our city is shutting down pretty soon, nothing but grocery stores, gas stations and hospitals open. My parents’ work patterns are changing quite a bit. Our church is livestreaming sermons until May. We won’t be able to go pretty much anywhere for the next several weeks. It’s going to be a strange year. I’m a big-city-dweller, so I’m used to everything moving around a lot; roads being busy, stores and malls being packed, etc. So the thought of such eerie silence and stillness is pretty foreign and surreal to me.

I’m kind of glad I’m home-schooled; I can’t imagine how much has changed for those who go to school or take classes away from home. But despite the fact that I’m mostly home anyways, the atmosphere has changed a lot all of a sudden compared to just a couple weeks ago. It’s weird.

I can hear the world groaning all around me, and I can feel the enveloping melancholy pressing its thumb down on me. It’s a hushing reminder how fragile the material, sin-infested life actually is. Like a broken vase that can’t be fixed. But we must remember: God is still in control. He keeps His promises, and He has a plan.

And if that plan includes a cancelled flight to my aunt’s house, then His will be done.

In the midst of the uncertainty and the fear, we look to Him as our Safety and Stronghold. We put on the whole Armor of God, and we put it on with hope. Hope that God has already won the battle against death and Hell.

His Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

In the meantime, we can also be thankful. Isn’t it amazing that no matter the circumstances, no matter the darkness that envelopes the world, there’s always something to be thankful for? I was reminded of this soothing truth this morning when I read Kenechi’s post, in which she lists some things that she is thankful for in these trying times. Go treat yourself to a read!

As for me, well. . . as I mentioned before, I’m thankful that I’m home-schooled, so being at home all day is pretty normal anyways. It makes life less complicated.

I’m also thankful, as other people have said, for technology. How people are able to study the virus so in-depth so quickly, and not to mention warn the masses about it in time for practically the entire world population to react and prepare, is incredible. Plus technology makes it easier to connect with friends when we can’t see each other in person as readily.

Anyways, besides all that has happened with the virus, I’ve been doing a bit of art, got into Discord and Skype so I can talk to friends and family, been reading Fellowship of the Ring for the first time (and very much enjoying it), discovered a splinter in my foot (or possibly a parasite. . . gross) that’s been bothering me for weeks, been watching lots of YouTube videos, playing some games, doing school, and overall just kind of surviving.

So yeah. Interesting month so far.

. . . . . .

Oh, and I defeated a dragon.

So what’s new with you? How is quarantine life treating you and your family? Do you have any ideas for activities one could do in one’s home? What are some things you’re thankful for in these troubling times? Talk to me! I’m in desperate need of a social life. πŸ˜›

Keep looking to God, Hunters! And stay safe. <3 <3

~~ Dekreel

(Oh, and about the dragon thing, you beat Minecraft by killing a dragon. So. . . I got to do that for the first time. Fun experience, hahah.)

10 thoughts on “Breaking the Distance // Updates + Rambling”

  1. The only thing keeping me alive staying home all day is the fact we recently got a new puppy. I have been home puppy siting most the time. School has gotten really complicated. I am not homeschooled, so suddenly I have come to learn what it is to study and use Skype from home to talk to teachers and learn. Thankfully I have some amazing teachers who are very patient with me, and are very helpful. But life over all for me has gotten crazy. Good luck to you as you face similar trials during this time. I guess we will all adjust. But I am so thankful for all the wonderful things that have helped our family keep it together and work even from home. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing ( and for giving me something to read during this endless season of boredom). Stay safe! 😊

    1. I hope everything goes okay for you. Change can be nerve-wrecking, eh? Glad I can keep your brain busy for a few minutes, and congrats on getting a puppy!! ^.^

  2. I know how you feel! My family has been super cooped up lately. It’s nice that I’m homeschooled too, but life has definitely changed! I guess it reminds me that by no means are we in control of all the situations. (I kinda forget that sometimes 😝)
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post! Do you have siblings to play games with? That’s what’s been keeping me busy. πŸ™‚

    1. We all forget it all too often.
      I do have a sister, but she’s usually prefers to do stuff on her own, which doesn’t help me. πŸ˜› We have game-nights sometimes though, hahah.

  3. Hey Dekreel! Almost everything is cancelled over here as well, but last night we were able to play chess with our good friends over Skype. I really miss all the stuff I used to do on the weekends! But I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, writing, and scrolling Pinterest, so it’s not too bad.

  4. Aw, I’m sorry you had to cancel your trip! That must have been really hard! 😒

    Days have definitely been feeling A LOT longer then usual. πŸ˜‚ I thought it was gonna be pretty hard staying home all the time, but I’m actually enjoying it. Plenty of time to read, and write, and draw, and waste time on the internet. πŸ˜¬πŸ™ƒ

    “But we must remember: God is still in control. He keeps His promises, and He has a plan.” What a beautiful reminder. Thank you, Joy! ❀️

    1. Aye, ’twas. Crossing my fingers and praying that we’ll be able to reschedule. . . πŸ˜›
      Hahah, I feel that all the way. It sort of gives me motivation to find something to do when I’m normally bored. I’ll sure miss going on trips though.

  5. Man, that’s so sad that you couldn’t take the trip! πŸ™ I know if it were me, I’d be v e r y disappointed.
    Anywho, it’s great to know how you’ve been. These are strange, strange times, alright. Starting tonight, we’re going on complete quarantine lock down. :[] Even though my dad won’t be able to work, I’m really looking forward to the time we’ll spend together.
    Oh Dekreel!! I can’t believe you thought so very much about my post, and I’m so happy it encouraged you! <3 <3
    Some of the things I know I'll be doing during this quarantine is doing a challenge where you run/walk 100 miles before June something or other, aaannnd no other specifics lol. I plan on (once school is over) spending lots of time outside. So yeah, hopefully by the time this quarantine is over, I won't still be a fat potato. xD

    1. Yeah, it was rough.
      Yep, same here. I sort of miss the hustle-bustle of life.
      That sounds like a great way to get some fresh air from being cooped up inside! :)))

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