I Made It 19 Years Without Dying

Birthdays are weird.

Especially birthdays where nothing’s going on. It’s a perfectly ordinary day, and you’re doing your usual things. But there’s this voice in the back in your mind saying, “This is not an ordinary day. This is not an ordinary day.” And you’re just like, “Well what am I supposed to do about it??”

Maybe it’s just me. Today has started out pretty normal so far. I got up, ate a plain ol’ breakfast of leftover pancakes, checked all the social medias, and relaxed a bit. Just like I do every uneventful Saturday. But that voice is rather off-putting. Like, is it an ordinary day, or is it NOT an ordinary day?? The circumstances tell one story, and my brain is telling me another one altogether.

Maybe it will feel less ordinary tonight when my family and I get together and do all the birthday stuff. You know, singing, presents, candles. . . That kind of stuff. I sure hope so, because I’m not sure how to feel about this confused sensation.

This year we’re not having cake. I decided I wanted delicious dirt instead. Delicious dirt is just a giant bowl of pudding, cookie and brownie crumbs, whipped cream and gummy worms. I haven’t had it since elementary school and I’m so excited.

My friend sent me a check, and my Mom is crocheting me something. Other than that I haven’t gotten any gifts yet. I asked for a lot of books. Especially that of the Nadine Brandes category. I’ve decided after reading Fawkes and Romanov that I’ve become a fan. I’m also hoping for some blue light glasses.

. . . . .

It has occurred to me that I’m seven paragraphs into this blog post and I haven’t explained what I’m doing. Well the answer is. . . . . I have no idea. I’m making it up as I go along. I just decided that I might as well write because it’s been a while, and I thought it appropriate since I hit a sort of milestone.

Age 18 was a year of adventure into the unknown rapids of adulthood. I voted for the first time, got my own bank account, started using a ledger and have even discussed travel alone by plane. Even though the trip never happened, I consider myself prepared the next time it does happen. I have to thank my dad for guiding me through it all. I’d be completely lost without him.

Instead I’m slightly less lost.

I have the feeling age 19 will hold even more adventures. Probably even more ambitious adventures than last year. I’ll be going to college (part-time, but still), getting a job, learning to drive, going on that trip that I had to post-pone, and possibly — I kind of doubt it but possibly — maybe even taking a second completely separate trip. O.o I’m nervous, but knowing myself I think I’ll figure things out.

Anyways, quick update on life: Nothing much has changed. I’m almost done with high-school work which is exciting. Besides that I’ve spent most of quarantine either watching YouTube, playing Minecraft or hanging out with online friends. Nothing life-changing, but still fun.

My dad is taking me on a birthday-shopping spree so I guess I’ll wrap it up. I can’t think of much else to say anyway. Come to think of it, how is that going to work. . . .? 🤔 Anyway, I hope you guys are doing okay!! How’s life been for you so far? What’s something fun/productive/interesting you’ve done during quarantine?

I’ll be back next week with another post! It’s going to be a fun one. 😀

~~ Dekreel

15 thoughts on “I Made It 19 Years Without Dying”

  1. Happy birthday!! I hope you’ll have many wonderful adventures in your life. God be with you!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PEREGRINE/JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Hope you have a crazy-awesome day!!

  3. Happy birthday, Joy Joy. You were named appropriately, as you are your name. Love you to pieces, my niece.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY. I’m 18.5 so I can relate to a lot of those new things going on and all the //unknown rapids//etc. Doing my own paperwork is way harder than I thought would be. lol

    The dirt cake sounds so good!!! I’m a gummy worms fan.

    I also LOVE Nadine Brandes. She’s such a sweet person and a phenomenal writer.

    Sounds like a fun but very quarantine-like birthday! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday!!! 🎂 *throws confetti* Sorry you had to celebrate it during quarantine but I hope it was wonderful all the same! 😊

    I haven’t eaten dirt cake since I was kid and now I’m feeling all nostalgic. (and hungry!) 😂

    Wonderful post and here’s to many more years!

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