Playlist Swap // A Collab with Emily @ The Ink-Stained Desk

Hello, my Hunters! How are things going for you? It’s going all right for me. Today I’m excited to collaborate with my friend Emily to bring you a little something called “Playlist Swap.” Em and I gave each other seven songs, and now I’m going to listen to the ones she chose for me for the first time (or at least the ones I haven’t heard before anyway), and tell you my thoughts. It’s basically going to be a live reaction thing, so I’m pretty excited. :3 Be sure to check out Em’s side of the collab as well, as she takes a look at the songs that I chose for her. ^.^ Also, special thanks to Kenechi for introducing me to this super-fun activity! If you guys want to try it out too, go right ahead!

Aight, let’s get listening! *rubs paws together*

~BTS, “DNA” cover by The Piano Guys~

OOH. This is a bop if I’ve ever heard one.

That was interesting! I’ve always been a fan of the high-quality music the Piano Guys bless us with. I don’t listen to them very much; I probably would listen to them more if they did more original songs instead of just covers (PG fans, correct me), but they’re pretty cool!

I don’t know anything about BTS, but it sounds like a pretty cool song judging from the cover. πŸ˜› Overall, great piece! Good choice, Em.

~”Voices” By Switchfoot~

Ohhhh, this is a good one! I actually listen to this song, and it’s one of the catchiest songs ever. Good message too.

~”Fireflies” by Owl City~

Interesting! The lyrics have a dreamy floaty kind of feel to them, and I really liked it. I think the “foxtrot” line was my favorite. ^.^

~”Visions Brooklyn 1, 2, 3″ by Daniel Pemberton~

Ahhhhh, Spider-Verse. The greatest movie to ever be gifted to my life. And I love its music. I wish I remembered which scene this song is from, but I love it. I should purchase the whole soundtrack some time. πŸ˜€ Thanks, Em, for this gem. <3

~”Paradise” by Coldplay~

Wait, why did my heart just jump? What is this? O.o

This is cool!! It also had a dreamy feel, with a degree of longing. I like it a lot. I feel a little silly to say it, but I low-key relate to the girl in the story. X’D

~”joy.” by for King & Country~

This is my song. 😜 (Get it?)

I have also listened to this song. Many times. I love it; it gives me chills. It’s hard for me to find joy in my fear and inconfidence, so this song feels a bit like an AED to me, electrifying my heart to beat again.

~”Believer” by Capital Kings~

*gAAAAAAAAASP* I haven’t heard this song in yearrssss. . . The nostalgia. . . 🀩

I loved this song when it started playing on the radio. I don’t blame my past self; it’s a lovely piece.

So there we have it. Seven songs of Emily. What have we learned?

. . . . that we have pretty similar tastes, I’d say.

Anyway, that was so much fun! I’d totally recommend grabbing a blogging buddy and trying this for yourself. Thanks again to Emily for agreeing to do this; I’m so glad we did it.

~~ Dekreel

Do Tell! Have you heard any of these songs before? What are some of your favorite songs and/or artists?

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  1. Very fun! I love music. I LOVE Owl City, and even though I don’t know Switchfoot, I enjoyed Voices. Thanks for sharing!

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