Photography Dump!!!

H’llo! Here’s a photography dump for ya guys to feast your eyes on. I’m no professional, but ever since I first handled a camera (I was like six or seven) it’s been a really fun medium to mess around with.

In this collection you will see photos taken with either my phone or a legitimate camera. . . and they will often have a filter. I love filters. XD

Worm's-eye-view of a tall building with an American flag on the side.
Taken November 2015. No, I’m not telling you what/where this building is. Because location privacy. 😛 Also, did I mention that I love filters?
Overhead view of downtown St. Louis
Taken November 2015 at St. Louis from the top of the Gateway Arch! We were passing through on the way to see family in another state.
Just a bunch of tall grass with buildings in the background
Taken January 2016 at. . . . a patch of weeds. ;P
Closeup of a street at night
Taken May 2016
A spoon, fork and knife in a cute pouch
Taken June 2016 at a wedding. The silverware pouches were pretty, okay?? ;P
Two pairs of koi fish in a pond
Taken October 2016 at a park. I love this photo because the shadows make a heart shape, and the fish are in pairs. Nice and romantic. :3
Lots of blue rocks. . . and one white one
Same day, same park. This is another one of my favorites.
A lamp-post under some tress. . . also pretty clouds
Same park again!
More tall grass
Taken November 2016
A spider web??
Taken December 2016. Another favorite. Wow, 2016 was my year! XD
A desk of papers and a computer with a window in the background
The next few photos were taken March 2017 at my church when I was bored (not during a service hahah). This one is another favorite. Those papers aren’t actually blank; I blotted out some of the contents for privacy reasons.
Little plants
Close-up of a building
A building next door to the church. Gotta love the zoom on nice cameras!
Another close-up of a building
Same building, I think.
A taxiing Southwest Airlines plane.
Taken August 2017. We were visiting an aviation museum and right behind it — on the other side of a chain fence — was an airport runway, so when we were finished in the museum we went outside to watch planes taxi past us. On the runway side of the fence were some photographers who were kind enough to let us join their side so we can watch easier! I remember my dad had to cover my ears while I took photos because the jet engines were so loud, and the planes came so close to us! It was a great experience.
More grass plus a glarey sun
Taken December 2017
My cat sunbathing on the carpet
Taken August 2018
My other cat sitting on a blanket
Taken November 2018. Possibly my favorite cat picture I’ve ever taken.
Orange/black/white butterfly on a leaf
Taken July 2019
Pretty sunset
Taken July 2019

And there you have it. A snippet of photography. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve actively taken pictures of things like that. Maybe I should picking it up again sometime. It’s super fun.

How are things going for you?

~~ Dekreel

Have you ever tried photography and/or cinematography? Is it fun? Do you have a favorite photo from this collection? Any way I can improve?

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