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Hey, everyone! Today it is my pleasure to interview one of my very good friends. She’s an avid writer, a blogger, a gamer and an overall cool person. Her name is Ashley Everheart (a.k.a. Aislinn Mollisong)! She blogs over at The Everheart Author. I’d recommend checking it out. She’s one of the most engaging bloggers I know.

As per usual, my questions will be in bold and her responses will be in italics. Enjoy!!

Welcome, Ace, and thank you very much for letting me interview you!
Here’s QUESTION 1: Why did you decide to start a blog?

Because I want to let people know I exist and that I have no idea what I’m doing. Also it’s very fun. ;P

Yeah, that’s basically why I started too, hahah.
QUESTION 2: What’s your favorite blog post you’ve written so far?

Well the one with Lucas and Laynie was really fun to write, but my short story about Lucy is probably my favorite.

QUESTION 3: Tell me about your WIPs!

Mkay. Number one; Embers Burning. Lots of dragons, fire powers, romance, stuff like that. I currently despise it but I’m sure that’ll get better. I Promise I’m Not The Hero is actually finished, and its a fairytale mashup-retelling that breaks the fourth wall a lot. Then there’s a Victorian-era mystery that I’m kind of scared to work on.

Okay, those all sound so good. 😀
QUESTION 4: Pick a character from any WIP and give them a camera. What do they take a picture of first?

Lucas: a blurry picture of the ground/his feet/his nose because he’s trying to figure out how it works.

QUESTION 5: What are some other activities besides blogging and writing that you enjoy?

Playing videogames, playing the guitar, being generally annoying, teaching 5 Day Clubs, reading, distracting people, saying hello to birds, watching Youtube, trying really hard to animate.

QUESTION 6: What are three of your favorite books and why?

The Mysterious Benedict Society because it’s written incredibly and I love everyone in it, Fly By Night for the same reasons (also it’s blixin’ hilarious), and Lord of The Rings because it makes me homesick for places that never were.

QUESTION 7: What is your biggest fandom right now?

. . . . . . Hermitcraft*

(*a multi-person YouTube series)

😆 I figured as much.
On that note, QUESTION 8: Best/favorite Hermit**? :3

(**member of Hermitcraft)

Oh COME ON! You cannot make me choose between the Sahara boys.


But if I had to HAD TO choose, it’d be Grian.

Good choice. It’s really close for me too.
QUESTION 9: Talk about your pets.

I’M GLAD YOU ASKED. I have 2 parakeets named Jace and Liri and I have 5 chickens named Lizzie, Lauren, Scott, Callum, and Joel and I have 7 baby geese and also a kitten named Pesky Bird and I love them all and also need more birds.

Okay, so I thought I had ten questions but it turns out I only have nine. . . what should my tenth question be?

Your tenth question should be HEY ACE, HOW WOULD ONE SUBSCRIBE TO YOU AND DEKREEL’S BLOG? Well guess what, sports fans, that is a very easy question to answer! Just put your email in the bit that says SUBSCRIBE and BOOM, instant subscribification.

Y’all go check out her blog @The Everheart Author! She’s super cool and talented, and she posts every Monday. Thanks again for letting me interviewing you, Ace. It was super fun. ^.^

Hope you enjoyed the interview! I will hopefully be back with another post soon.

~~ Dekreel

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  1. Just came here from the Everhart Author, and both of these were so fun! I also love Hermitcraft; my favorite Hermit is Zedaph!

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