What Makes Me Happy

Stolen Inspired by Emily

Bird song, the sunrise and sunset, that family
of blue jays that always nests outside my window

Soft blankets, fuzzy socks,
clean water, hair scrunchies, candles

New sketchbooks, old sketchbooks,
colored pens, wooden figurines, tortillons

My computer, the internet, Minecraft,
my desk lamp, the house’s very nice ad-block system

Online forums, Discord, Skype, Zoom,
text messaging, blogs, amazing friends

Wind farms, road trips, cityscapes, hills & mountains,
that moment when it’s raining while the sun’s out

Fingerless gloves, comfy jeans, hoodies,
blue-light-blocking glasses, an array of t-shirts

Pizza, pasta, slightly-burnt cookies, my mom’s pancakes,
my mom’s meatball stroganoff, those kolaches my
friend brought to church that one time

Milk, ice-cold water, milkshakes,
cans of soda or sweetened sparkling water

Cats, cat videos, cat noises. . . . cats.

Nature documentaries, animated movies, slightly-burnt popcorn

My parents, my sister, my aunts uncles and cousins,
pastors, teachers, mentors, role models, celebrities


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What are some things that make YOU happy?

Feel free to carry this idea along!
~~ Dekreel

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