Ladies and gentlemen, after two years of struggling and failing, I did it. I finally did it.

I made it through all thirty-one Inktober prompts without giving up.

And to celebrate the occasion — yea you guessed it! — I’m going to write a blog post about it.

The first time I ever tried Inktober (2018), I went all out. The drawings were sketched and inked and shaded and took up a page each. I was going to hit the ground running……. until I stopped to catch my breath and never ended up completing the marathon. I managed seven completed prompts plus two or three sketches that I never inked and finished.

When Inktober 2019 rolled around, I decided I knew better, and I took it slow and easy. I only spent a few minutes on each drawing, and I scaled them down so that I could fit multiple on one page. I was very confident…. but confidence isn’t enough to finish a project. I stopped eight prompts in.

In April (?) 2020, I attempted Quarantober, and discovered the ultimate strategy to complete the list: When you sit down to draw, draw multiple prompts at once, then you can rest for a few days, and then on the “due date” draw the next several prompts. Yes, it was more work at once, but this way I didn’t feel pressured to draw every single day. It was so relaxing.

And so, at the beginning of October, I was ready. And I ended up hitting it out of the ballpark. I managed between five and ten prompts per day, with many a break day in between. I also decided not to ink the drawings and just leave them as sketches, thus even less pressure on myself! And by the 17th, all the prompts were finished. Thus why this post is a bit early. 😛

And that’s how I managed Inktober 2020. Thanks for reading; have a good day–

. . .

Nah nah I’m kidding; of course you can see the drawings! That’s what this post is for, after all.

Without further ado. . .

Day 1 // Fish

A few years ago I visited a park with a koi fish pond. I took a photo of a couple pairs of them swimming together, and it’s still one of my favorite photos to this day. It was a lot of fun to recreate in the drawing!

Day 2 // wisp

I don’t think this girl is anyone in particular? I think I drew it with a friend of mine in mind though.

Day 3 // Bulky

A slightly unfinished sketch of an iron golem from Minecraft. Those things are weird to draw, man.

day 4 // radio

I almost added more detail to this. Almost. Never quite got around to it though. If you’re familiar with Hermitcraft, I took some loose inspiration from Grumbot/Jrumbot.

day 5 // blade

I really wanted to add more detail to this one too, but again, I never got around to it. This is a weapon called the “Blink Dagger” from the game Stick Fight. Basically you can use it to teleport through walls and fly through the air and it’s pretty cool.

day 6 // rodent

When I was thinking up ideas for this I was like


but monocle. :3

I call him “Mouskall.”

day 7-8 // fancy, teeth

The dress is a craftable outfit in the game The Aetherlight. And I needed to do at least one “prompt combination” so that I can fit all the drawings within three posts on Instagram (there’s a limit of ten photos per post) so I was like “Why not; take the fancy girl and give her bad teeth.” I’m happy with the result.

day 9 // throw

I wonder if baseball players ever need shoulder surgery.

. . . I asked my Mom (the designated sports fan of the house) and she said, “Oh yeah. And elbow surgery.”

I don’t blame them.

day 10 // hope

When I was ten the church’s children’s choir did a musical, and I got to play a cheerleader named Hope (I was part of a trio of girls named Faith, Hope and Love 😂). It was fun.

day 11 // disgusting

Can you coffee people out there fact-check me on the disgustingness of carbonated coffee if it existed? I’m actually curious.

Anyway, this is an inside joke with me and a few friends and I wanted to draw this to make them laugh.

day 12 // slippery

Because penguins.

day 13 // dune

The figure in the foreground is my OC Rhanwyn. I’m hoping to put her in a story in the distant future.

day 14 // armor

Hiro Hamadaaaaaaaaaaa

Big Hero 6 has to be one of the best movies to ever be gifted to this world.

day 15 // outpost

I decided to go for “Redwall vibes.” I think it might have worked.

day 16 // rocket

Yes, that is a raccoon with a jetpack. Because rocket. ;P

day 17 // storm

One of the greatest moments of symbolism I ever saw was a tree-shaped lightning bolt. Long story.

day 18-19 // trap, dizzy

“That’s what you get for falling into my trap!”

Another combination, and possibly my favorite drawing of the set. It’s fanart of a couple YouTubers I used to watch.

day 20 // coral

Taking a sea creature and combining it with one of my favorite aesthetics: Industrial. <3

day 21 // sleep

When I was eleven my favorite thing in the whole wide world was a kids show called Sherlock Hound. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Sherlock Holmes, except everyone’s a dog. It was cute.

So here’s the good ol’ Hound himself lounging on his favorite sofa!

day 22 // chef

I was going to draw a rat but then I realized, “If a rat can cook, why can’t other animals??” So I brainstormed and brainstormed what animals would look good in a toque, and I landed on this one. I regret nothing.

day 23 // rip

The pretty dress is ripped
RIP pretty dress

day 24 // dig

Of course I had to draw Alex from Minecraft with a pickaxe. Of course.

day 25 // buddy

In the game The Aetherlight there used to be a glitch where an automaton (evil robot) would spawn but it wouldn’t do anything. It would just chill there. So a friend of mine made friends with it and named it “Buddy.” It was sweet.

(the Sherlock Hound theme song is stuck in my head now.)

day 26 // hide

I mayyyyyy or may not have taken verrrrrrrry loose inspiration from a certain mafia game that’s been popular lately. But don’t take my word for it — it might be totally irrelevant, I dunno…

yea Dekreel you lookin sus

day 27 // music

I was listening to music while I was drawing this. . . . I forget which song in particular I was listening to. But that was my mood at the time.

day 28 // float

This one came straight from the soul. When I think of floating I think of airlessness and directionlessness and confusion.

Also I hope you appreciate the foreshortening on her right leg. It took me so many erases to get it the way I wanted.

day 29 // shoes

I copied this straight from Pinterest. Feet and shoes are my bane. 😛

day 30 // ominous

I don’t remember why I chose a deer for this one, but I think it works.

Okay, I just now realized that this could pass as a Harry Potter scene. I was not thinking about Harry Potter at all when I drew this. 😂

day 31 // crawl

I drew everything from the “chef” prompt onward in one sitting, and by the time I got to the last prompt, I was so ready to take a break. So I just pulled up a baby picture and copied it. 😛 It worked.

And there you have it. If there’s one thing I learned about from doing Inktober, it’s that I apparently really like fanart. Especially video game fanart. I blame it on all the quarantining. 😛

Do you have a favorite out of this set? My favorites are Fish, Rodent, Trap/Dizzy, Sleep and Dig. Also let me know if you’re also doing any form of ‘Tober prompts, and how it’s going for you!

And if you’re like me and you don’t want to have to draw every single day to finish, draw a bunch at a time. I promise it’s easier.

That’s all for now! Let me know what else you want to see on this blog. I really want to keep it alive. 😛 See you soon hopefully!

~~ Dekreel

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