Art Gallery

Welcome to my art gallery!

Here is a selection of some art that I’ve done. Descriptions and dates are below each picture. I mainly work in pencil and pen.

October 2018, Imperial Love
August 2018, steampunk Andrew Peterson.
August 2018, illustration for an Aetherlight role-play.
November 2018, a windup mouse for a mini competition.
March 2019, Fanart Animators VS. Games, a YouTube channel I like
July 2019, fanart of various YouTube animators. I’d like to do something similar with gamers in the future.
August 2019, fanart for Millie Florence’s book “Honey Butter.”
December 2019, an old OC of mine.
March 2020, a character from a game and short film. (I would be very impressed if someone recognized him.)
April 2020, a couple of friends and I in Minecraft. one of my proudest achievements.

If you’re interested enough in how I draw, here’s a timelapse you can watch. 🙂

If you want to see more of my art, there are a lot more things to see on my Instagram page (@dekreelbeast).

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed! I’ll add more as I see fit. 😉

(Updated June 2020)

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  1. Keep creating!! Let out that creative spark that God put in you. And, keep reaching out to bless others.

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